Sector Group

GoBio facilitates the Life Science and Biotech Sector Group, which is made up of the following business members and observers:


Anglia Capital Group

Marcus Armes

Aponic International

Jason Hawkins-Row

Biome Technologies

Paul Mines

Briar Chemicals

Susan Brench

Cambridge Oncometrix

Maxim Rossman

Cogent Technology

Nigel Slator

Collison & Associates

Martin Collison

GoBio / Hethel Innovation

Aaron Hunter



Jonathan Clarke

Hethel Innovation

Simon Coward

Norwich Research Partners

Sally Ann Forsyth


Swedish Biomimetics 3000

Andrew Prewer



Nick Goodwin

John Innes Centre

Anne Osbourn

New Anglia LEP

Kenny Lang

South Norfolk Council

Nina Cunningham

Suffolk County Council

Alison Huxley

University of East Anglia

Matt Hutchings

University of Suffolk

Paul Thomas