Learn + Lead

Learn and lead through GoBio’s support. Members of GoBio can access:

Training Programs

Learn about commercial thinking, innovation and leadership through GoBio’s training programs, and join a community of fellow learners.

 GoBio members get full access to all of our introductory training courses.


Through our work connecting biotech innovation hubs across the region, we can help you collaborate with experts in a range of fields.

Through our support we can help you connect with potential collaborators.

1-to-1 Support

Through our direct support we can help you address your challenges, as well as find new opportunities and collaborators.

You can access the equivalent of 12 hours’ support per year from the team behind GoBio.

Resources + Guides

We regularly produce guides and resources for our members, on specific technologies and opportunities, as well as on more general business topics.

GoBio members will receive updates about new resources and guides as they develop.